The fight to live again

Don´t look back cause´ you will see nothing
Only a cry, the tears, a stormy night and everybody
Is hiding now
Say goodbye to everything you like
A love, the moon, the shining stars, you will
Never find them again
Children laugher far away, flowers getting strange
No memories for those who´ll come
Just only pain, the straight to feel again

When will we stop to run away?
When will we start to hope again?
The world is turning colder
The air is getting older
When will we find the way to live again?

A world without any fear I could be to peace so near
Yet somehow tragedy is happening every day
Nobody can now say:
„I am happy with my live, my job and even in my skin
I feel like somewhere else“

When will we stop to kill?
When will we start to fight for justice?
The world is breaking
Humans are waiting

That one day we will live again


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